About Me

Hi there, and welcome!

My name is Natalie. I’m a first-generation Cuban American, and I have a serious passion for travel.

I also dapple in a lot of digital realm–often at times geeking out to analytics and spreadsheets. Currently I project manage several B2C projects and promotions, email campaigns, social media, and all that jazz. My English degree and MBA were under my belt before I reached 24, so you could say I’m also highly motivated when I set out to do something. I’m always in a constant state of learning, and I hope to be a positive and strong leader in my career someday.

While I don’t have many hobbies, I have been told that I love to wine and dine. I’m the foodie go-to on most trips, and I’ve got a sincere love for fresh vegetables. Last summer my husband and I finally bought a home, and I’m itching to build a vegetable garden come spring. What I lack in a green thumb, I make up for in my perfectionist engineering husband (who somehow makes sense of my organized chaos).

My dog, Nola, is a chocolate-lab and border-collie mix. I don’t really need to mention the “chocolate” part, but I think the denotation makes her that much more adorable. She is our child, and we spoil her rotten.


About A Piece of Conversation

So where did A Piece of Conversation come from?

A Piece of Conversation is a phrase my family has laughed about for years. It was an honest mistake really…because for something to be a conversation piece it is, really, a piece of the overall conversation–right? ”A piece of conversation” was a phrase used mostly in jest by my family through the years. It was my abuelo who first made the language blunder years ago, but since he passed away in 1992 it’s really been more of an affectionate term for something worth talking about.