First World Problems

Admit it, we’ve all been there.

Coffee spills on your blouse before your 9am meeting, the dog’s muddy footprints soiled your newly-mopped floor, that haircut didn’t turn out just quite right…

These are what I affectionately refer to as First World Problems.

Which I understand can be real problems, but not as real, as say….finding clean water.

I find the best way to turn that frown upside-down is to simply find some perspective. Because if the worst thing that happened to you today was that your requested 190° latte came back a cool 160°, you’re doing pretty well for yourself.

And yes, temperature requests were one of the more grating aspects of my Starbucks career.

But it’s true, so many of us are overworked and stressed, which inevitably makes us overtired and cranky. That’s why we overreact when we can’t find a close-enough parking space. As an aside, you would be shocked by the amount of angry Disney guests I encountered during my time working in the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot (part of the College Intern program),  because they had to walk a several feet to get to the tram (which I both spoke on and operated) that would drive them to the Ticketing & Transportation center.

I mean, you’re going to be walking all day, right? So what’s wrong with getting the warmup now?

I know I’ve digressed, but while we’re here, I thought I’d share:


Yep. That’s me in my Disney glory.

Our lovely uniform also came in pants:


I was 18 and livin’ it up. Unfortunately I left the program early, walking away with with a wicked tan, 30 lb. lighter (running around in a parking lot is the best diet ever), and my name tag (as well as a name tag for a woman named “Sheila”).

But then 4 days after leaving FL I met my future husband at a chance sushi happy hour.

So perhaps it wasn’t so unfortunate after all.

What was I talking about?

Ah, perspective.

It’s perspective that we need sometimes. That sometimes things happen for a reason, and sometimes things suck. But there’s always tomorrow, right?

So the next you’re feeling particularly annoyed at your coworker’s cheery demeanor, or miffed because your kids deleted The Bachelor on your TiVo, just remember that all-in-all, life is pretty good.

  • BG

    funny funny

  • Blue Eyes

    I am also thinking the Anthropologie look is much stronger. So did you find “Get With the Mouse or Get Out” a truism? Real Problems…….that’s the key.

    • NatalieRebecca

      Not at all! In my experience, most of the folks in the college program were very much Disney fans, and I think those that weren’t left on their own accord. I left because I finished my online summer courses, and frankly I wanted to be on a college campus again. I’m still a Disney fan though!

  • ah yes, first world problems … like when you get extra leg room in an exit row seat on the plane which makes the magazines in your handbag just slightly, uncomfortably out of reach … that was my favorite, personal first world problem as of recently :)

    • NatalieRebecca

      Haha indeed! Coming back from Iceland we had the row to ourselves, and despite having room to stretch, I found that the 3 pillows our row had just still weren’t enough.

  • Nick


    • NatalieRebecca

      And I still have a couple more up my sleeve to share later!