2nd Annual BrüFrou Craft Beer + Culinary Pairing Event

BrüFrou had me hooked at “Over 80 Colorado Brewers & Chefs Collaborating on 50+ Unique Pairings.”

This event, held at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum was everything I had hoped it would be, and then some.


We had tickets for the 1pm – 4pm Afternoon session. We arrived a little early, which was great because it gave us time to check out the vendor booths and make a few purchases.


Like this amazing sauce from Chiporro Sauce Co. Buy it. Now.

Also this local winery is making some deliciously big strides. We tasted their sangria and mulled one both at this event, and at the previous week’s Taste of Pearl, and ended up buying both.

We were able to register early and grab a place in line.

With the multitude of pairings and samples being offered, I knew the 3-hour event time would be ambitious. Most people prepping for a foodie event like this might skip breakfast, but that’s an amateur move. I like to have a light bite in the morning (coffee, and perhaps some greek yogurt + cottage cheese mixed with berries) to get the digestive fluids moving. Plus, have you tried tasting a lot of beer on an empty stomach? No bueno.

Things started out well. There were 5 large table groupings consisting of several breweries and chefs. We were knocking out tasters left and right, successfully rounding the first table and a half about an hour or so into the event.

brufrou-8 brufrou-5


But then it hit us.

Or rather, this biscuit sandwich, hit us.


From the Denver Biscuit Company, this “taste” consisted of chicken fried chicken topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, (and if that wasn’t enough) sausage gravy—all sandwiched between two biscuits.


I had stopped getting a 3oz pour from every brewery, choosing instead to sample the man’s glass with my food. But (foolishly) we didn’t share plates from the beginning.

Rookie move, Natalie.

A few breaks at the nearby tables helped, plus it gave us the opportunity to view several of the planes on display at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum.


Side note: If you haven’t checked out the Wings Over the Rockies Museum go now! They have great displays, and I think I saw a beer garden next door? Fun stuff.

I don’t think I could tell you how much we sampled, or how many calories we consumed. What I could tell you is that we were very impressed by how well many of the dishes paired with each other. Unlike Taste of Pearl, we had the sense that many of the breweries and chefs coordinated their pairings beforehand to really make both items shine. Some standouts included:

Jax + Denver Beer Company
You may recall that Jax was our favorite bite at Taste of Pearl, and it was definitely one of our favorites at BrüFrou. I’ve never eaten at Jax before, but after two standout dishes I’m seriously considering a night out.

Princess Yum Yum Raspberry Kolsch paired with BBQ shrimp, baked beans, and watermelon.
Princess Yum Yum Raspberry Kolsch paired with BBQ shrimp, baked beans, and watermelon.


A sampling of tastes from Tag Restaurant, Bubu, Los Chingones and Butchers Bistro.

From top-left: Smoked carrot soup with Cardamom-Yuzu Greek yogurt from Tag Restaurant; Bacon-Wrapped lil’ smoked kielbases, smoked cheddar grits, and dandelion greens from Butcher’s Bistro; Cold Rice Noodle Bow: Grilled Shrimp, Asian Herbs, Peanuts and Chili Lime Dressing from Bubu; and Brainless Raspberry BBQ Short Rib Taco: Epic Escape IPA braised short rib, sour apple saison-ginger slaw, micro wasabi from Los Chingones.


As expected, those three hours flew by rather quickly. I was in a certifiable food coma at that point.

brufrou-7Events like these make me positively giddy, and I’m already excited for next year!