4 Weeks Postpartum with a Newborn

As much as it feels like it at the time, pregnancy doesn’t last forever. And in no time you’re bringing home one of these:


It’s been a month since the little girl was born, and I feel like we’ve just started to figure out our rhythm around here (heck I’m only late to appointments 60% of the time, which was my average before having a child).

Of course I expected life to change, but you can’t anticipate everything. This has been my experience, which I can’t help but find comical:

1. “No, I don’t have a cat. Those scratches are from my newborn.”
Everyone told me that newborns have teeny, tiny (and extremely sharp) nails. But it doesn’t hit home until you see those teeny tiny scratches on your arm.

2. Dignity goes out the window.
No one wants to be compared to a milking cow, but after experiencing the postpartum fun (which I would submit is probably worse than the actual birthing process itself) I threw in the towel and assumed my role as a certified milking machine.

3. Two weeks is better than one.
When your husband insists on taking two weeks off when the baby is born, let him.
I thought one week would be plenty of time–thank god he thought otherwise and overruled me.

4. Pictures of poo on your phone.
It was day 3 at home with a new infant, and I needed to confirm all was well down under with her pediatrician. I deleted the pictures immediately following verification.

5. Twilight Turtle is the bomb.
With its beautiful alliteration (marketing genius), Twilight Turtle is a must. It never occurred to me that I’d be going to sleep in my twenties via nightlight, but this little guy is amazing at getting the little girl back to sleep at 3am.