Traveling with a Baby

I’d be lying if I said flying with a baby was no sweat.

I sweated a lot.

And if the planes weren’t always so cold, I would’ve probably sweat some more.

Because even though you planned ahead, and packed several pouches, bottles, toys, blankets, etc., you can never predict what exactly your child wants at that time. Still, on our recent journey to Miami, FL (roughly a 4-hour flight), I found this entertainment mix suited the little miss quite well:

1. A new book. I picked up Gossie and she loved pointing at Gossie on every page.

2. Some novelty toy. I found these suction cup, silicone toys that come in fun shapes and textures, and rattle! Not only that, these stayed on the entire flight, kid-tested and chewing-approved.


3. Pacifiers. Several.

4. A light up toy. My aunt found this great ‘phone’ toy which you can hear only if you put your ear to the headset.

5. Food. I had a mix of PouchesPlum’s Little Yums (she’s teething quite a bit), Puffs (crack for babies), water and formula (though she didn’t care much for the latter).

6. A window. The nice thing about flying Southwest is that given a choice, no one will ever pick to sit in the middle seat when there’s a baby in the row. Good thing too, because you’ll be moving from window to aisle several times during the flight.


Of course the journey is always easier when you have a companion, and luckily the little miss had an entourage of no less than 4 adults catering to her every need. It’s amazing how quickly 8 hands become filled when you’re lugging around a stroller, car seat, suitcase, and a diaper bag (or two).

At restaurants she was pretty good (for the most part) when she could be in the middle of the action.


And french fries never hurt either:


We had a lovely trip, and I do (naively?) believe that the more we travel the more adept she’ll be on these adventures.


Now only if we can enjoy the beach a little more next time…