A Trip to Sunflower Farm in Longmont, Colorado

It’s safe to say I’m not much of a people person. My husband introduced himself to our neighbors immediately after moving in, while I opted to stay indoors and out of sight. I’m no good at small talk really, and I’m always wary of creating those personal, but not too personal relationships normal people establish with their neighbors.

Still, as a mom to a five-month old, I feel it is my duty to go out and meet other people with kids because the little miss loves to watch and interact with children. I believe it is important to her development, in the same way that eating solid food is, or going to the bathroom by herself (eventually).

But when you work at a regular 9 to 5, and you’re already leaning on nearby family to watch her during the week, you don’t exactly have time for a play date at 10am on a Tuesday.

Enter MeetUp.com, where I found a ‘working mom’s group already created—they plan get togethers on weekends (novel concept) when you could actually attend.

This past weekend we met several other parents at Sunflower Farm, an amazing place just off Prospect and Hwy 287. Our adventure was so much fun, I’m thankful I didn’t let the 9am meetup time deter me.

sunflower-farm sunflower-farm-2 sunflower-farm-9 sunflower-farm-1

The farm is a full working farm, just opened up to the public about 6 years ago. They have tree houses, rope bridges, a fire pit, large bales of hay to climb on, and animals you can feed, like: goats, cows, a donkey named “Shrek” and “Obama” the llama.

sunflower-farm-8 sunflower-farm-11

And did I mention pony and hay rides?

It’s pretty much the best place ever.

sunflower-farm-16 sunflower-farm-12

While I overheard some parents complaining about the $10/person entry fee (for everyone over 12 months), I still found the price to be a steal considering all the activities for kids (once you pay the entry fee, everything else is free–including that pony ride). The little miss was still a bit too young to really appreciate the awesomeness of the place, but she sure enjoyed meeting some goats and planting her feet in the grass.

The people we met were great too. As expected, their kiddos were a few months older than the miss, but that’s ok. Soon she’ll be running around with the rest of them.