WOW! Children’s Museum in Lafayette, CO

Figuring out what to do with a baby is challenging if you’ve never had a baby before. We’ve been blessed the last week with unseasonably warm weather, which we took full advantage of with several walks to the park.


So far we’ve also enjoyed the little outings with the Working Mom’s group I joined on Most working moms, like me, have trouble making 10am on a Tuesday music playdates, so this group’s weekend activities fit our schedule nicely. Our first meetup was at the Sunflower farm last year and we had a blast.

Last Saturday we attended another meetup at the WOW! Children’s Museum in Lafayette. The museum is a mere 10 minutes from our house, and when we saw the large pirate ship upon entering the building we knew this place was going to be fun.

Somehow they transition from pirates to dinosaurs in the same room, and thankfully, have had no incidents in the past millenia:


There are two large, primary rooms, with other smaller rooms that feature music, arts & crafts, a “wind” room (which is a very narrow, very tall room with vents blowing air upwards), and a building room. For the most part the little miss enjoyed crawling around “Toddler” beach, and kicking around balls in her own private play area.


On these cold, winter days, these indoor play areas are perfect!