Bedtime Rituals

Bedtime rituals haven’t changed much around here since Pre-K (that’s Pre-Kid, of course). The man still checks the doors to see that we’re locked up, let’s Nola outside, and then says “Bedtime!” and Nola scurries to her bed excitedly awaiting her treats (something he taught her since we first adopted her, and it’s pretty darn adorable).

Post-K (Post-Kid, of course), I expected a few changes like nighttime feedings, bath time and story stime.

But, one cannot expect everything, and here are just a few new tasks we’ve added to our routine:

1. Clear the Clutter
The man and I have gotten really good at navigating our home in the dark. Like wicked good. But no matter how well you can use your sixth sense to navigate a blueprint of your home, things like this can take you out in an instant:


We put away anything that might impede a traffic flow, including folding up the ironing board I’ve walked into on more than on occasion.

Still, Nola blends into the floors perfectly and sometimes we still run into her:


I dare you to find her in this photo.

2. Dishes
I can’t say I mind this one—it’s a huge pet peeve of mine to leave dishes in the sink overnight (who wants to cook in a dirty kitchen?). But despite my threats of no more awesome breakfasts, the man was still awful at doing them every night. 6 years of marriage plus one kid later, and even he acknowledges now that a dirty sink is no easy place to clean bottles. #winning.

3. Nola can sleep anywhere
When we first came home from the hospital, the little one slept in a bassinet in our room. Having a new screaming thing in the house was a big enough adjustment for the pup (she is just as tired as we are). I couldn’t sleep well having us holed up in our room while she slept alone downstairs. Now she sleeps in our room. We’re all so tired we don’t care if she snores.

4. Pack the Diaper Bag
When I don’t pack this the night before, I forget crucial things that should be in a diaper bag.

Like diapers.


5. Pacifier Sprints
Typically when the little one goes to bed, the man and I try to squeeze in one show to watch. There are times though, that we watch the little one rip that pacifier right out of her mouth, and soon thereafter start spinning herself awake in her crib. At night we are pacifier ninjas…slinking into her room and replacing the stupid thing before she wakes up.