A Birthday Party

I love parties.

We hosted a housewarming party just 3 months after moving in to our new house and renovating the entire first floor.

We threw a 4th of July BBQ in our cul-de-sac just 2 months after the Little Miss was born.


I relish the opportunity to use my large drink dispensers (which inherently indicate a party), and I love displaying tasty treats on generous serving trays.


So when the Little Miss turned one, I wanted it to be a special party that she (and everyone else) would enjoy.


From the treats, to the decorations, and favors, parties can be a lot of work if you don’t plan ahead. Several of the decorations I found in advance, including a banner (which I decorated beforehand) and pink poms to hang from the ceiling. I also decided to get crafty and put together this fun little display for the table which showcased the Little Miss and her adventures this past year.

Since the party was in the afternoon, and we expected a few kids, I wanted to keep the food easy and simple:

  • Ham & cheese sandwiches
  • Turkey & cheese sandwiches
  • Mini hams in blankets
  • Chips + dip
  • Smoked gouda cheese spread + pita chips
  • Fresh strawberry lemonade (fresh-squeezed lemons + strawberry pureé)
  • An array of other beverages (including sodas, izzes, pelegrino, juice boxes, and more)
  • Veggie trays

Pinterest was great to turn to for these adorable Sesame Street veggie trays–I don’t recommend eating veggies any other way!


I also asked my mother to make my favorite Linzer cookies which were easily a crowd favorite.


Given that this was a one-year-old’s party, and most of the attendees would be adults, I was stumped on what to hand out for favors. Luckily, Pinterest to the rescue! I found an adorable way to reuse cans as plan holders for spring flowers, and I also made heart-shaped bird seed feeders which I thought would be fun for the season.


No word yet on if actual birds had the opportunity to enjoy these. Our squirrels ripped the entire thing from the tree, tag and all.

And finally, the cake! As a baker’s daughter, there was no way I could rely on someone else to make the cake. I wanted to make something light and delicate for the season, settling on a vanilla genoise recipe from Sarabeth. The heart-shaped cake featured four tiers, with homemade lemon curd in-between the top and bottom tiers and raspberry jam in the center.


The frosting was Sarabeth’s buttercream, which was alright, but I think I prefer mom’s a bit more.

Frosting the cake was fun and challenging at the same time–it was definitely the largest cake I’ve ever tackled. My brother-in-law helped with the buttercream flowers, and I tried my hand at my frosting penmanship. Final touches included some heart-shaped glittery sprinkles and this “ONE” banner I made.


While she didn’t quite understand the concept of blowing out the candles, she enjoyed everything singing all around her!

Overall I think the birthday girl had a lot of fun, and that’s the most important part of any birthday party.

Happy Baby = Happy Mom!

party-4 party-5

  • Ana Yelen

    A VERY happy baby, indeed! She loved her beautiful party, and so did all the guests! Well done, mom!

  • Ada M. Palles

    It was an awesome party! The party favors were amazing, and the cake was fantastic! You rock!