A Blogger’s Confession

I haven’t been blogging for very long. I know there are folks out there who’ve been blogging online since the 90’s, when AOL was rad and Yahoo groups bustled with activity.

But this is 2013, and bloggers nowadays are a dime a dozen. Now we have sites like Foodgawker, tumblr, and more to compile the best of all these blogs…like a sort of highlights reel.

It’s true that it took me a good 2 years or so of having this website before I actually did something with it. Each time I wrote something I felt at best the text felt flat, and at worst, vapid. I don’t think I really got the urge to start writing again until I came upon 2 great blogs from another blogger, Grace. Her blogs, Grace(full) Plate, and Small Hands Big Ideas, inspired me to just write. About anything.  I have an English degree after all…had I forgotten what it meant to write 10+ page papers each week?

So far I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about my blog, which really doesn’t say much because I doubt my friends and family would criticize my work to my face. Except my brother-in-law, he wouldn’t care.

And so I figured if I could focus on writing regularly, and perhaps not updating my site design every other day, I could be really productive.

I hit my stride on this blog because my writing is basically just me talking. In fact, I had thought of doing podcasts instead of written posts, because I think I tell stories pretty well (I am a 1st-place trophy holder of the 1998 speech meet for the humor category. BOOM.).

I’m a pretty good talker, and most of the time my jokes are well-received (except at one recent baby shower, when I responded to the Ergobaby Infant Insert with, “Pshaw, yeah, what CAN infants do anyway? I mean…geez, they can’t even hold their head up…or bathe themselves..or..” Never joke about a baby. At a baby shower. Ever. Baby hater).

One this is certain, I’ve always been a talker.

A big talker.

In fact, my penchant for talking started at a young age, when my stern 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Rowland, preferred to section me off from the rest of my friends. I could talk and talk and talk, and still manage to be ahead in my schoolwork. My friends could not.

My mother fondly referred to me as “Chatty Cathy,” like the doll; that lovely nickname stuck with me well into my teens.


That is one creepy doll. For reals.

I’m glad that people like the tone and voice of my writing, because otherwise no one would want to read it and sooner or later I’d probably get sick of writing it.

Luckily so far I haven’t tired of writing. In fact I can’t get enough of it. There are so many ideas in my head (80% is nonsense), but I write down a sentence or two as a new post, and save it for later when I have more time to elaborate.

Although lately I’ve started getting blog ideas in my dreams, complete with stressful instructions to myself to remember these ideas and write them down immediately. Unfortunately I always forget the topic by the time I wake up. You might think one of those “dream journals” would do the trick. It doesn’t.

I do hope my blog continues to be a fun place to visit. I envision A Piece of Conversation to be a site featuring content on anything worth talking about—my topic ideas or otherwise. Maybe I’ll even start to get submissions. Wouldn’t that be cool.

I also designed some new business cards (Note: hand not mine). Pretty legit right? Sorry, phone number and last name blurred because being on the Federal Do Not Call Registry means nothing to telemarketers.


Thanks for your support by checking out my blog!