We Bought a Peach Tree

We bought a peach tree. She’s out front. No name yet, but I’m toying with “Midge.”

Chris, being neither a peach lover nor fruit lover in general, was not as enthusiastic as I was at the prospect of having fresh peaches. Instead, his condition for purchasing the tree was that I clean up any peaches that happen to fall and make a mess on the lawn.

He typically does Nola’s poo patrol prior to mowing, so if I just need to pick up peaches I think I got the better end of this deal. ;)

Even as a young tree, we were impressed by the number of peaches there were.



In addition to the peach tree, we walked away with two Korean Lilacs and two Rose of Sharons. The Tree Farm in Longmont was having their annual 50cent tree/shrub sale, so it was a prefect opportunity to stock up.

We’re just impressed that everything fit in his VW Rabbit (it really is bigger on the inside!).



Last year, our priority was renovating the downstairs, so this year we spent a lot of time getting the outdoors in order. We bought several perennials from the Denver Botanic Garden‘s Annual Sale (earlier this summer) and Chris built a tiered garden planter alongside my vegetable garden. We planted the Rose of Sharon down by the fence, hoping that as it grows (should be roughly 8 feet at maturity) it’ll afford more privacy from the neighbors.


It’s been a busy summer, but we’re excited with the progress!

  • Diana

    That’s so awesome. I’d love to have a peach tree! It can’t wait to see all the peach recipes now.

    • Thanks! Between the squirrels and little neighbor kids (who love peaches as much as I do), pickings were a little slim this year. This time of year we get a lot of fresh peaches from Palisade, CO. I picked up a bunch at the farmer’s market last weekend and I hope to play with some recipes this weekend!