Boy Jobs Versus Girl Jobs

Every good marriage is a partnership, wherein you and your spouse make up a single team. You go to bat for each other and you have each other’s back, just like the clichés go.

But within every marriage (and home) lies inherit duties that are clearly boy duties, or girl duties.

Now, I’m not advocating my role as a 1950s (love those clichés) housewife. I was voted “Most Opinionated” in high school for a reason.

But the truth is, there are just some jobs that I prefer doing more than others. I’m not worried about spilling any secrets here, because it’s not like the act of placing a full bin of recyclables in the middle of the kitchen is at all a subtle hint to the man to take it and empty the contents in the garage.

And I think Chris feels the same way. Both of us pick up the slack in other departments, fulfilling those jobs that need to be done around the house; those jobs that each of us really don’t mind doing.

And of course we overlap at times…sometimes. There are jobs I absolutely won’t do, or jobs he’ll do in order to give me a break.

So without further ado, below is my list of Boy Jobs, versus Girl Jobs.

Boy Jobs:

  1. Take out the trash/recycle
  2. Mow the lawn (I have never operated a lawnmower in my life)
  3. Remove mice from the live trap into the field (not a common job, but one I prefer him doing)
  4. Dishes (I cook most of the time, he cleans up most of the time)
  5. Grill noms for dinner
  6. Final evening lockup check and putting Nola to bed
  7. Any other large home tasks that require power tools, saws, etc.
  8. Play with Nola (usually I need the extra time to cook, or get ready)

Girl Jobs:

  1. Cook dinner
  2. Laundry
  3. Bathrooms
  4. Dust
  5. Vacuum and mop the floors (it’s an amazing surprise to come home on Friday with this already completed)
  6. Iron
  7. Weed + Garden
  8. Drycleaning/grocery shopping/other domestic errands

Ultimately it’s just about finding a rhythm between the two of you. I know he doesn’t run a mile a minute like I do, and he knows I can’t possible consider the notion of relaxing unless all the chores are completed. Being cognoscente of each of these traits has really help us grown from that first year of marriage.

It works for us, and we just celebrated a fantastic 5 years of marriage.


Do you have boy jobs or girl jobs?