Career Paths

It’s ironic that I had to leave publishing in order to find a career in writing.

It wasn’t that I didn’t write then, it’s just that I primarily wrote contest copy, press releases, eblasts or technical requirement documents. To be fair, I never knew that much about horses, or at least not enough to pass as an author with 2500 words on the subject.

But now? I’m blogging at least once a week at the new gig. And that doesn’t include all of the snippets of copy I write for the website, like how awesome sieves are or why scales in the kitchen are an easy way to reduce your costs in the restaurant. I’ve also become the company copywriter as it were, helping the showroom with random blurbs or working with the marketing and design teams on projects like welcome packets and catalogs.

And it feels good. Really good. Because though I might have an MBA, it started with a BA in English…and oh how I’ve missed putting it to work.

The “Average Joe” might hate writing about kitchen and restaurant equipment on a daily basis, but I love it. Why? Because it’s my passion.

Not everyone finds their passion in life, and I’m thankful to have found mine before I’ve reached 30. It’s true that I can’t walk pass a kitchen store without popping in and letting my fingertips graze the dishes. I live to be immersed in cooking, and food, and I revel in sharing stories about tips and techniques and respect for ingredients with my colleagues… because well, it’s the sugar in my tea, the butter to my bread, the cliche to this sentence. And maybe writing and optimizing copy to achieve higher search results isn’t my lifelong dream (wining and dining is), but I do love honing my craft as a writer.

The only drawback of the gig is that I write so much at work and thus find it difficult to find inspiration at home. Plus, it’s hard to keep a clear head with a toddler spinning you in your chair.

So, my faithful blog reader, I apologize for my absence, and I do hope you’ll continue to visit. I’ll try to not let another month or two go by, because I do love this blog and this site. I’ve worked hard helping others create their online projects…but this one here is mine. The content I write here isn’t optimized for Google, it isn’t written on topics I researched beforehand that would yield high traffic results.

These topics are me and mine.

Until we speak again,