Everyday Alchemy – Make Your Own Rose Honey

I briefly mentioned creating your own rose honey at home when I used it to make some Ricotta Rose Honey Ice Cream. I recently made a new batch, just in time for spring. I like to use rose honey to add a touch of sweetness to things like waffles, pancakes (and even biscuits) without the addition of refined sugar.

Of course the recipe I used was from Everyday Alchemy: Transformative Cooking With Herbs, which features lots of great recipes that are both tasty and nourish the soul.

I had some dried rose petals left from Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply. You only want to use rose petals that are safe to consume, so ensure they are organic and not treated with anything that isn’t safe to digest. To start, fill a jar 1/4 to 1/3 with rose petals and the rest with honey.

My jar of honey and rose petals have been sitting in the pantry (away from direct light) for a couple months now. If you leave your honey a bit too long you might notice it crystallize, making it difficult to remove from the jar (and remember, honey that has crystallized is still good, and actually a sign of high-quality honey! read more here »). To get your honey nice and smooth again, simply heat in a bowl (or pot) of warm water.


[apologies for the crummy pictures..as usual I was multitasking with an infant while these were taken]

To strain, I simply used a fine mesh colander. I don’t mind having some rose petals left in the honey because I think it looks pretty. If you want your honey a bit more refined, use a cheese cloth.

rose-honey2 rose-honey-2

Rose honey has a very subtle flavor to it, and adds a great umami quality to many dishes. I hope you enjoy!