Food, Not Food

I realize that I’m lucky in that I live so close to farm country. I drive through several farms on my way to drop off the little miss or head to work—I could literally count the sheep, but that sounds as unsafe as texting is behind the wheel.

Still, in the great US of A you don’t need to live near a farm to get access to relatively fresh food. You’d be hard pressed to find a grocery store in American that wouldn’t have some kind of a produce area.

When I go to the store I rarely make my way down the inner aisles. Down these paths you’ll find a library of salad dressings and at least twenty (thirty?) varietals of canned soup.

Let’s play a game. I call it, “Food, Not Food.”

1. Canned Pie Filling

You guessed: Not food!

Answer: Not food.

Cherries or a gelatinous pile of glue, corn syrup and red food dye 40? I’ll let you be the judge.

C’mon team, I’ve talked about how easy making a pie is! Save yourself the 40 seconds it takes to open that can and spoon in fresh fruit next time (more than just your taste buds will thank you).


2. Tuna Helper.

You guessed: Food.

Answer: Not food.

The tuna is real. But everything else…just, no.


3. Preserved Lemons

You guessed: food

Answer: Food.

Great job! A jar of preserved lemons should be in everyone’s kitchen. Following the age-old methods of preservation (salt + spices, depending on your variety), preserved lemons last awhile in your fridge and add a subtle acidity to your dish. Your pasta will never be the same again.