When Dining Alone

When the man is out I rarely bother with making a fancy meal just for myself. If nothing delicious already exists in the fridge, I almost always turn to my regular go-to meal: rice and egg.

A dish I remember my abuela eating quite often, rice and egg is a simple meal that fills me up just enough (but not too much). I think the traditional Cuban way uses an egg similar to a fried egg, where a runny yolk makes a ‘sauce’ over the rice. But me, I prefer to cook my egg similar to a plain omelette, which I slice up and toss on top of the rice.


I love a good bowl of rice—and not just any rice. I love the sticky, perhaps a little salty rice tossed with a dash of olive oil. It’s perhaps not the healthiest of items (does rice have any nutrients anyway?) but it’s a fun indulgence to have on occasion.

What comfort food do you like to prepare?