FREE PIE – Afternoon Tea Book of Pies Available for Free on Amazon Today Only

I had a coworker bring 3 boxes of pies to work once, just because it was a beautiful day and who doesn’t love pie.

In fact, as I write this I have a pumpkin pie that my mom dropped off for the man sitting in my refrigerator.

Pie is one of the easiest things to bake, and yet it makes such an impression on any social gathering. Making pie crust from scratch is pretty easy (I swear!), but get pre-made pie crusts and you can whip out any pie in 15 minutes or less.


coverAnd now you can bake the best pies around with your very own (FREE) copy of the “Book of Pies” from the best bakery I’ve ever known, Afternoon Tea.

The “Book of Pies” features over 25 different pie recipes, ranging from classic fruit pies like: French Apple Pie, Mount Vernon Cherry Pie, and Shaker Lemon Pie, to custard favorites (Key Lime Pie anyone?) and an Afternoon Tea Classic—Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie (it tastes as decadent as it sounds).

It’s true, the “Book of Pies” was our first foray into publishing and ebook creation. I used it as an example in “How to Make an Ebook” post as well as showcased some photos from our photoshoot.

But I wasn’t lying when I said baking pies was easy. I typically prefer a homemade crust to store-bought ones (crusts made with real butter melt in your mouth, whereas store-bought crusts tend to have crisco and other substitutes which leave a film on the roof of your mouth). To save time I’ll make a big batch of pie crust and store it in the freezer, knowing that when the time comes to make a pie (like now—we’ve got two pie pumpkins sitting on our porch), I can take out the dough and whip something up really fast.

When a good friend of mine realized that most of the recipes required just a few ingredients stirred together in a bowl (and then poured into a pie shell), she quickly set upon making all sorts of pies in the book. I loved her enthusiasm as she’d come tell me “I’m making Strawberry Rhubarb Pie tonight for my boyfriend’s boss!” I forgot to ask her how it turned out, that pie is by far my favorite of the bunch.

With this book, you’ll bake the finest pie you’ve ever tasted this Thanksgiving. Download the “Book of Pies” for free from Amazon today—you literally have nothing to lose, right?

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