Here We Go Again – Home Remodeling, Take 2

The summer of 2012 was a whirlwind. After purchasing a new home we embarked on a complete renovation of the downstairs. In a span of two weeks we had to purchase wood flooring, tile, kitchen cabinets and countertops and prayed that everything looked ok.

It took 3 months to complete the downstairs, finishing literally hours before our big housewarming party in August. Looking back at the “in process” photos still give Chris and I a bit of anxiety.

So you can imagine it’d take us awhile to feel inspired to embark on more renovation projects.

Roughly one year later, I think we’re ready (or as ready as we’ll ever be).

We didn’t have a basement at the townhome, which meant that storage was creatively packed in extra bedroom closets and the garage. Now that we have a decent amount of storage downstairs, our extra bedrooms are remarkably empty.

Which is why we’ve started working on the upstairs bedrooms.

Oh, and did I mention that the floor slopes in one of the bedrooms by as much as 3/4”? Yup. We discovered that last summer, when I moved a 7-foot tall bookshelf to that wall and it quickly fell on me, pinning me to a desk.

Chris won’t let me move big furniture by myself again.

We also had to lock the doors of our filing cabinet, because they would constantly slide out and tip the entire unit over.

The sloping floor needs to be addressed, so it’s probably best to do it when there’s little to no furniture in the room.

Plus we have enough extra hardwood flooring from last year’s project that we can rip out the awful carpeting and extend the same bamboo flooring upstairs.

While I was out of town, Chris ripped up the carpeting and tack strip to full assess the floor situation (love that guy). Luckily there are no structural issues present, and leveling out the room shouldn’t be a difficult task. With plywood floors visible once again, I took the opportunity to paint without dragging up the cumbersome canvas dropcloth of ours.

This is the last room in the house that had the cream + taupe combo, and my how a fresh coat of paint freshens up the space!

Before (you can see I’ve already started to paint the taupe windowsill a bright, clean white):


I chose Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. I think the light gray (nearly white) color with the dark wood floors will be a lovely, fresh contrast.

After (it’s a subtle difference, but I guarantee the in-person effect is much more dramatic):


Our labor day weekend will certainly be laborious—I hope to finish painting the closet before Chris and his dad start work on the floor.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

  • Ada M. Palles

    Good luck with your new project! I’m sure it will look as amazing as the rest of the house does!

    • Thank you! We’re making good progress–more updates to come!