Home Remodeling: Nursery Edition

My husband might tell you that I have a compelling desire to always be busy...and he might have a point. During an hour-long TV program you might find me doing the dishes, switching out laundry, or painting my nails—sometimes all at the same time.

But  sometimes I crave larger projects—like those that involve new flooring.

I gave a peek at our recent home project here, and here. At the time I didn’t share details of the room, which was to become the little one’s nursery.

Now it’s time to showcase the completed project—I hope you’re as excited as I am!


We last left off on leveling the floor. We first noticed the floor wasn’t level when a large bookcase fell on me (details here). You can see just how not level this floor really is as depicted below:


How does one fix this situation? You get some liquid-y, compound stuff that you literally pour onto the floor to raise the level to the appropriate height.

Warning: it can get a bit messy. I wish I could track down the photo for that.

After it thoroughly dried, we were ready to install the flooring. This is where it got tricky, because while we did have a fair amount of excess flooring from the downstairs remodel, we still had to order more for the upstairs. I won’t bore you with the details, but about 1 month and 2 shipments later (and a very apologetic Home Depot) we finally got our (discontinued) click-lock bamboo flooring (and plenty of it to finish the hallway, our bedroom, and stairs eventually).

Here’s a shot of the room before the baseboards were installed:


Because we opted to keep the gender of the little one a surprise, I opted to keep the walls neutral and add accent colors elsewhere. Though I was asked plenty of times, there wasn’t a ‘theme’ to the nursery, unless of course ‘baby’ counts. I wanted the room to be calming, clean and fresh–but still approachable (i.e. not sterile–it should look like a child’s room, not an adult’s).

We are so thrilled with the finished project!



What love most about this room are the thoughtful details. The crib and toy chest were both mine growing up, and my mother had them refinished for me so they look as good as new. She even had the toy chest monogrammed for a special touch:


The beautiful rocker, a gift from the in-laws, is an Amish-made walnut rocker from Boulder Furniture Arts.


It’s extremely comfortable to sit in for late-night feedings, and we hope it’ll become a family heirloom similar to this little rocker here:


This rocker has been in my mother-in-law’s family since the 1960s!

And while the changing table was a new addition, I dressed it up with some new hardware from Anthropologie.


The rug was a fun find from Overstock. It had the perfect amount of whimsy for a child’s room but still met our style preferences for clean lines.nursery-rug

And of course the orange pouf ottoman you might recognize from my praises here.


The most personal touch in the room is the frames above the crib were a gift from my aunt, who saw me admiring them in our favorite store in Key West, Key Accents.


The frames feature both sides of our parents when they were young. Here’s a close up of my mom when she was a baby:


Overall it was a lot of fun finding various pieces to outfit the nursery, and we are so pleased with how it came together! It took awhile to get there, but they often say the journey is sometimes better than the destination, right?

  • Thank you both! It was a long process in the making, but we are so thrilled with the end result!

  • I love the special touches and details! Like the photo frames with family photos and the knobs on the changing table. And that walnut rocker!!!!! It is gorgeous! What a lovely room! For lots of mommas I know, the nursery becomes one of their favorite rooms in the house. Makes sense considering how much thought and love goes in to planning and preparing the nursery!

  • Ada M. Palles

    Great job putting together a baby’s room that is both elegant and adorable, peaceful yet fun! You really have an eye for putting the right things together. It’s a perfectly beautiful room for the little one!