Infomercial Love | As Seen on TV

My love of infomercials always makes for fun conversation.

I’ve never bought anything from TV (a smart shopper knows to purchase them at Bed Bath & Beyond where you get 20% off).

But as a marketer, I marvel at the scripted lines, the shoddy production value, and the overall amusing demonstrations.

And please, let’s not confuse an infomercial with a commercial. A commercial is typically 15-30 seconds, while an infomercial is usually 30 minutes. 30. Glorious. Minutes.

A good infomercial tells a story. Something that we, as the viewer, can relate to. Some use celebrity endorsements, others prefer to cover their bases and showcase all of us in the diversity rainbow.

Below are just a sample of the most memorable infomercials I’ve seen. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The “I have 19 kids (and counting) so I need a convenient mechanism that roasts 3-4 chickens daily”:


The “I might be going through a mid-life crisis and the only way out of it is an English accent and a real-word interpretation of my life.”

(Note: I highly recommend Wikipedia’s plot review as well.)


For the “I’m business during the day and a party at night”:


The “I need a way to cover my tramp stamp from the 90s”:


The “Ain’t nobody got time for daytime clothes” person:


And finally, my personal favorite which allows you to make PERFECT PASTA, EVERY TIME:


Got an infomercial you’re a fan of? Or even producing? Share it!

  • lmao!

  • Hysterical! Love the commentary. Really, who needs to rotisserie 4 chickens at a time … EVER? I prefer a minced-ingredient omelet, myself. Excuse me while I adjust my bra-bib and cut out my 20% off coupon.