Let People Save Face

I learned that there are many things an MBA can’t teach you, but your mom can. One of those lessons, is to let people save face.


In school I had a bad habit of calling out teachers on mistakes. They didn’t care for that much…and 10 years later I finally understood why.

Because quite frankly, what’s the point of proving you were right? The sliver of satisfaction you think you’ll receive when the whole world discovers that you were right lasts as long as it takes for one person to read it, roll their eyes, and sigh dramatically behind their computer. Like this:


Because the thing you may not have realized at the time, is that while you hit ‘reply all’ and typed furiously on your keyboard, most everyone already knew you were right to begin with.

So next time when emotions run high, and your fingers run a marathon, save that email as a draft and go hit the water cooler. If you still want to send that email in 30 minutes, go for it. But my gut tells me that you probably won’t…and that’s not a decision you’ll ever regret.