A Mountain Adventure in Glenwood Springs

We took a cue from everyone else in the great state of Colorado and took a trip into the mountains for Labor Day.


Aside from the brutal traffic at the Idaho Springs tunnel (luckily the little miss was a trooper at keeping herself entertained and catching a few Zzzz’s), the rest of the trip to Glenwood Springs went off without a hitch. A packing list full of all the Little Miss’ odds and ends helped to ensure nothing important was left behind, like her favorite Sir Prance-A-Lot toy.



All of us bunked in a house just a few blocks north of the famous Glenwood Hot Springs pool. While we didn’t hit the pool this time around, we will soon when the miss is a few years older. At that time I’d love to stay at the historic Hotel Colorado.

We loaded her up in the Ergobaby carrier and hiked part of the Grizzly Creek Trail with the rest of the family. Aside from both her and the man getting a bit warm (we took several breaks to give them both some air), she was wonderful.

The trail itself was easy-to-moderate, and followed alongside the river, which provided frequent cool breezes. Although I failed at packing her hat (the only thing I forgot on her packing list!), her grandma sacrificed her headgear to keep the little miss’ fuzzhead safe from the sun.


After the hike we went back and relaxed for a few hours, before the man and I headed up to the amusement park at the top of the mountain: Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. I had heard of the caves in Glenwood, but I had no idea of an entire amusement park existing up there! It’s dressed up in an old-west theme that’s cute but not hokey. They had everything from giant swings, to roller coasters, to a really fun alpine slide.

We only had time for one tour, so we opted for the Historic Fairy Caves since those were the original featured in the 19th century. The tour was a lot of fun, and I was even more impressed by my uncle who completed one of the Wild Cave Tours just this past summer.

Before we headed back down the mountain we took a turn on the alpine coaster which was so much fun! Unlike traditional alpine slides, the coaster is affixed to the track.

I know we’ll be back in Glenwood Springs again–we hope it becomes a new family tradition!