The Best Paper-Writing Music

When you’re writing 10+ page papers a week in college, whilst working part-time and (at one point) planning a wedding and purchasing your first home.

Every. second. counts.

But sitting at a computer is like sitting in front of a TV. Between social media, your email, and the buzzfeed black hole, you’re in for a mess of trouble if you don’t come prepared.

It all starts with the appropriate music.

Music is a must to any serious writing, analysis, or activity that requires lots of thinking. You want your music to be that white noise—white noise that is more consistent than regular coffee-shop chatter, and more engaging that complete silence.

In college I listened to Pinback on repeat.

I couldn’t tell you what album it was or the names of the individual tracks—mostly due to the fact that my roommate burned me a copy of a CD she had. And despite the fact that I listened to over 50 hours of the same Pinback songs, I couldn’t even recite a single lyrics.

That’s because Pinback’s songs maintain a consistent, level tone. No dramatic chords or screeching lyrics.

Since college, my new musical choice is this complete Sims Soundtrack on YouTube.

Featuring over 8 hours (yes, 8 hours) of lovely musical score like “Build Mode” and my favorite “Buy Mode,” the Sims music is hands down the best music for relaxation and productivity. Ironically it was also my old roommate from college that introduced me to this.

So here you are, for your enjoyment. You’re welcome.