A Resolution

Today I received my monthly invoice for hosting charges and sighed.

I sighed not because of the $8.95 I’m spending per month (my commitment issues keep me from an annual contract) to maintain “uninterrupted hosting.” I sigh because after nearly 2 years of starting up my own website, I truly have nothing to show for it.

Except a wicked cool branding opportunity.

A Piece of Conversation is a phrase my family has laughed about for years. It was an honest mistake really…because for something to be a conversation piece it is, really, a piece of the overall conversation–right? “A piece of conversation” was a phrase used mostly in jest by my family through the years. It was my abuelo who first made the language blunder years ago, but since he passed away in 1992 it’s really been more of an affectionate term for something worth talking about.

And then I go straight to Modern Family, because really, who would want to live in a “dog eat dog” world when you could live in a “doggy dog” world full of puppies like in Gloria’s dream.


So I started this website.

I work in the digital field, so it seemed only appropriate that I create my own digital brand and website. I thought I’d be able to easily skyrocket my search rankings, market products (like the Book of Pies ebook I created, go buy it. Seriously.), and overall just be a digital marketing genius–but this time for me.

Unfortunately marketing only works if you can market something. Anything really. Whether it’s just a blog, or an ebook, or a physical product. A good brand isn’t enough…it needs something to make the brand what is it.

In addition to going through multiple design changes, I had so many ideas for what I wanted A Piece of Conversation to be:

1. A blog about a 1st-generation cuban-american (featuring yours truly)
This started out ok, until I became too self-conscious at close friends and families reading about my pretty direct opinions.

2. A blog about anything worth talking about
Again, started out ok…but then I grew worried about which topics were considered “engaging conversation.”

3. A publishing company
This did happen. Turning A Piece of Conversation into a publishing company that (I hope) produces several ebooks in a year. Perhaps grow the site into a service-oriented publishing site.

#3 started to work, but I ran into the same problems featured in #1 and #2: content creation. I have an English degree, so you’d think I’d be able to bust out some writing like nobody’s business. But I haven’t. Every time I’d start to write something I barely broke the first paragraph.

It really boils down to confidence. Confidence that even if friends, families, strangers stumble upon my website (which I hope they do), I’m confident enough in myself and my brand to stand behind what I do and what I say.

So here we are.

A time for resolutions and fresh starts.

I’m ready to make this blog something, anything. It’ll be a hodge-podge of what interests me, what projects I’m working on, and (hopefully) just plain fun.

Hope you have fun with me too.

  • Hi Natalie,
    I just came across A Piece of Conversation when it came up in my FB newsfeed … I look forward to seeing where you take. I just finished reading this post and I plan to read through to “catch-up”. But, in regards to this post, I think it is worth saying that I don’t think you have to have the most precise direction or purpose for your blog just yet … I think your purpose and voice will evolve as you write. The only key there is to write/post consistently, which can be the most difficult part to begin with. However, as long as you write in your authentic voice, I truly believe your blog will find its purpose all on its own; and likewise, you will slowly grow a readership that identifies, is entertained by, and/or appreciates what you are putting out.

    Best of luck and I look forward to reading…

    very best,

    • Natalie


      What a sweet note! Thank you for the comments. It’s true that sometimes I spend too much time trying to account for long-term plans and goals that it has prevented me from taking the leap and just beginning something. Your blog and regular projects have definitely helped inspire me to take these first steps!