Secrets of a Project Manager

As a project manager, you’d think I’d be extremely organized.

At work I can locate specific emails back from 2010 with ease, I keep a notepad next to my keyboard with my to-do list (you know it’s a busy week when I have to rewrite the list in just 2 days), and for the most part I do a pretty decent job keeping track of 10+ websites, and at least 2-3 contests we have going on during any particular time.

But there is one area in my life where my organizational skills always fall short—my drawers.

All it really takes is one stressful morning of trying to find a shirt, and stacks of neatly-folded clothes are tossed aside as if a violent tornado ripped through my Ts and delicates. And instead of folding everything neatly back into the drawer when I get home, I’m far too tired to do anything more than shove it all back with the hope I’ll be able to close the drawer completely.

So more often than not, the state of my drawers often looks like this:


For comparison sake, I’ll show you the man’s neatly organized drawer:


His drawers are always neat. Always. He can fit JEANS in his drawers. That’s a pretty big deal.

The man and I are both Capricorns, which means we’re grounded, not terribly risky goats who like order and fear change. But despite our similarities, our astrological attributes manifest themselves in very different ways.

The man likes to alphabetize his DVDs and once organized his shirts in the closet by color and hanger direction. He also insists that I fold his T-shirts in thirds. Personally, I could care less about all of these things.

I’m more OCD about dishes left on the table, or coats hung on the barstool instead of in the closet. He lacks the sense of urgency I have to put these things in their proper place.

I suppose it’s a good thing that our need for organization and order don’t seem to overlap—it balances the other out so neither of us becomes too OCD like Monica from Friends:

So while the man watched the Broncos defeat Kansas City last Sunday night, I spent the evening dumping out the contents of my drawers, refolding everything, and placing it neatly back in its place.


I give it a couple weeks before I’m back to square one again.