Table for…..?

Before the arrival of the Little Miss, everyone told me that we should enjoy going out to dinner now, because “Kiss that goodbye when the baby arrives.”

Then she arrived.

Then I heard, “Enjoy it now, while they sleep all the time. You can kiss that goodbye at 6 months.”

Then 6 months came.


She does indeed walk now. Did we stop going out? No, not by a long shot. In fact, it’s only gotten better as she learns to color, reads her books, or likes to practice her letters.

Ironically the toughest part about going out with her happens before we even sit down. Because you see, no matter how hard I try, I can never seem to count our party correctly when the host or hostess asks us “How many?”

When she was a newborn (and barely taking up any space) I’d say “Party of 2….and a half.”

Then I’d be reprimanded, “So a party of three.”

Ok sure..three. But honestly, she’ll fit with us at a two-top. I swear.

After that incident I’d say, “Party of three.” And the staff replied, “Well, two and a half, right?”

The Little Miss dining at Lucile’s in Boulder. Ironically they might have some of the smallest tables in town and here we’re able to fit her easily at a two-top.

And so it continued—each place a different expectation. If I made reservations online I selected “2” and included a “high chair” in the notes. But after a particularly disastrous attempt to eat out on valentine’s day, and the hostess assuming I would be celebrating the holiday alone with my infant (depressing?), we were unable to secure a table and the three of us had to find other options.

After that I started to indicate a party of “3” and included “high chair” in the notes…only to have the table set for 3 adults, and 1 high chair.

So what do you do when you go out with your babe? I can’t seem to win!