My Love of The Price is Right

Most of my childhood summers were spent at day camp–typically a summer camp that met daily at a local school, all managed through the YMCA. I loved camp; there were outings to the pool, BBQs in the park, and when I was 9 I was crowned the Connect 4 champ (conquering a fierce 12-year-old competitor).

But there comes a time when you’re too old for summer camp, but too young for a summer job.

So that summer I spent at home, alone. It’s really not as depressing as it sounds–I kept myself busy cleaning the house each morning.

Ok, maybe that does sound depressing.

But to be honest I really enjoyed keeping busy (and showcasing my efforts to a very thrilled mother). In the afternoons I’d walk the dog to my aunt’s house just a couple blocks away.

My morning cleaning routine typically revolved around a television schedule that would play in the background as I first tackled dishes, ran some laundry, and did the floors. After an episode (or two) of Sailor Moon, I’d be sweeping the floors right around the time The Price is Right came on.


I loved The Price is Right.

In fact, I loved it so much I was convinced that I would win my first car on there (I ended up purchasing one instead after college).

I cheered for those contestants who defied the odds, and I jeered those who bet $1 higher than their competitor:

Player 1: “$550!”
Player 2: “$551 Bob!”

Seriously what a tool.

Since being on maternity leave, I’ve watched way too much television (mostly the food network) for my own good. When you’re busy feeding, pumping, and cleaning around the house all day, I don’t exactly have the hands available to keep a good book open. And while staring and cooing at the new little life in your arms is extremely rewarding, sometimes you need additional noise to keep your eyes from closing when hers have been shut the last 10 minutes.

And so…maybe I plan feedings around The Price is Right. Because let’s be honest, it’s the only decent daytime show I care to catch.