A Trip to Miami, Florida

My family and I moved from Miami back in the 90s. For some reason, when your car’s stolen a few times, the front door is kicked in on your house during the holidays, or shots are fired at you in your bakery, my parents felt inclined to raise their children in another environment.

Still, much of our family (on both sides) still remain in Miami or the South Florida area, so we try to visit the city at least once or twice a year.

This visit marked the first for the little miss, and the first for me traveling with an infant. Overall she did pretty well on the trip, and though I overpacked the diaper bag on the trip down I made sure not to make the same mistake twice when flying home. I had several different toys for her, but nothing beats an airplane window.


We spent the week spending time with family, practicing walking, walking the gardens and more.

Miami miami-5 miami-3 miami-2

The little girl really enjoyed touching all of the plants at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens.


fairchild-gardens-24 fairchild-gardens-23 fairchild-gardens-2.5

And also liked to make new friends:


Of course now that she’s had some of the best Cuban food around, those purées I make her just aren’t the same.

miami-versaillesBut the one adventure I was most excited about was putting her toes in the sand and the ocean.  Too bad she didn’t feel the same—it was a very unexpected reaction!

key-biscayne-6 key-biscayne key-biscayne-5 key-biscayne-4 key-biscayne-2 key-biscayne-3

And finally—she got her ears pierced! The nurses at the pediatrician’s office actually commented that at 6 months, she was rather old to be having her ears pierced (they typically do it at 3 months). I laughed, knowing full well that no pediatrician’s office would touch her ears where I live. It’s a cultural thing.


Overall it was a fantastic trip, and I’m thankful that my mom and sister also came along. It was nice having that extra backup when we flew, and I feel much more comfortable traveling with a baby again come February.