Xote, Goat-tay, Snow-tay & Kong

The man and I are fortunate enough to work in places surrounded by lots of open space and ranches—we often see several different kinds of animals to, from (and during) work.

Because I work on equine publications, I have a special affinity towards farms, ranches, livestock, barns, etc…even though I really know nothing about any of it.

Rarely do the events of Chris’ day merge with mine—such is the case when your husband is a mechanical engineer and you’re a digital project manager.

However, today was an exception.

This is Xote, pronounced ‘Ho-TAY’ (as in Don Quixote, or Don’KEY’ Xote):


He is a donkey.

Also nearby is Snow-tay followed by his friend, Goat-tay:


And then there’s Kong.


As in ‘Donkey’ Kong (the man proudly named this one). We think he’s a bit sassy.

Reports are unconfirmed as to what kind of donkey Snow-tay is. Perhaps you know?

Note: the man wished me to clarify that these are not the confirmed proper names of these animals, but rather the names they have attributed to them.